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Empower-Growth’s Operation Model™ is a three-layer model, made up by the following:

    ♦ Operation Layer
♦ Leadership Layer
♦ Personnel Layer

These three layers must work conjointly for overall business growth and success.

As long as ONE OF the four destructive conditions IS present, an organization is at risk for poor performance, lack of productivity, and decreased profitability.

HH – Hiring Hell | BB – Buy-in Battle | CC – Competency Chaos | TT – Team Trouble

bELOW ARE SOME OF the risks when leaders can’t avoid the four critical destructive conditions of the Operational Layer:

Hiring Hell occurs when positions are filled with people who may not be the right fit.

  • employees are unhappy, frustrated, and stressed-out
  • tasks are left undone
  • other employees have to carry the extra load
  • trust and respect are lost

Buy-in Battle occurs when employees don’t trust or buy-in to their leaders or the direction of the company

  • employees aren’t invested in their work or the company
  • motivation goes down
  • absenteeism and attrition increase
  • collaboration and participation of employees go down, which affects the 3Ps

Competency Chaos occurs when expectations are not aligned with the skills and abilities.

  • mistakes and injuries increase
  • deadlines are missed
  • quality goes down
  • employees start blaming each other

Team Trouble occurs when team members don’t work as a unit, multiple teams don’t work collectively.

  • issues, misunderstanding, and conflict increase
  • there is an “us vs. them” attitude
  • communication breaks down

So how does a Leader avoid
the four critical destructive conditions?

By understanding the environmental values and providing the necessary conditions for team members to be most productive and successful.


What if you could consistently increase the performance, productivity, and profitability of your business? You Can.
We designed a system to show you how.

We've put together an excellent resource for you about Empower-Growth, Inc.'s
Operation Model™ and Environmental Values. 

We've put together an excellent resource for you about Empower-Growth, Inc.'s Operation Model™ and Environmental Values. 

What some of our clients say:

“Ms. Cousineau did a thorough needs analysis. She consulted with our President to understand our corporate goals. She interviewed every member of the management team to assess individual needs and then spent the necessary time with myself to identify the skills gap in order to design a training program that met all our needs. Ms. Cousineau’s professionalism, organizational skills, energy level, commitment and follow up were outstanding. Every member of the management team praised not only the benefits of the training but the delivery of it as well.”

Nancy Clark

Human Resources Consultant, Nolitour Vacances

Linda P. Cousineau has always been a favourite presenter for our Dealers. Her energetic and lively style combined with relevant content always wins rave reviews. Being able to present equally well in both English and French is like having two presenters in one, and has proven to be very cost effective for us.

Tony Krotz,

Dealer Education Manager, Home Hardware Stores Ltd.

Linda was hired to develop and deliver a Leadership training program for some of our production Team Leads. The feedback we received from the participants once the training was complete was extremely positive.

While gathering feedback from the participants, we discovered that one of them had taken what he had learned in Linda’s training and applied it to his daily work. As a result, a new process was put in place saving the company time and money! Linda really took the time to understand our needs and was very accommodating. We’re looking forward to working with her again soon!”

Paige Sheehan

Human Resources Professional, Axis Lighting


Do you want to consistently increase:

  • the performance
  • the productivity
  • the profitability of your business?

You Can.

Our information-packed e-book will show you how.